Safety  Rules

Bowling is fun, and it is also a great way to exercise! Like any other physical activity, understand your own limitations.

Bowling shoes are unique athletic equipment and must be worn by all bowlers. Be sure your shoes remain tied, dry and clean as you play. Check your shoes prior to stepping onto the approach to bowl.

Crossing the foul line, the black line right before the lane itself, will cause you to fall on the slippery lanes. Do not cross the foul line.

Keep food, beverages and substances (rosin, powder, etc.) off the approach area. Baby powder is not permitted anywhere in the bowling center.

Wait until moving balls stop in the ball return tray before retrieving or replacing balls. Be sure not to reach into the ball return opening. Moving parts or bowling balls will cause injury. Do not climb onto or sit on ball returns.

Only employees are permitted to operate bumpers. Operating them incorrectly will cause serious injury. Notify the counter if there is a problem with bumpers.

Always ask an employee for help with anything that may cause you injury, such as a misplaced pin, a spilled beverage or a ball that hasn’t quite made it down the lane.

Only employees are permitted to be in the side aisles next to the end lanes. No picture taking is to occur past the foul line or in the side aisles.

To prevent and avoid tripping hazards, be sure not to leave personal items such as shoes, coats, and bags in public movement paths around the lanes and seating. Watch out for these types of items left by others.

Obey house rules. There is no outside food or drink allowed. Be sure not to be on the approach or bowl when a bowler is bowling in the next lane. Only one person at a time is to be on the approach on your lane. Also, be sure not to roughhouse or run.

Light weight bowling balls that are kept behind our counter are intended and manufactured for use by small children only. They may also, at our discretion, be used by young adults with limited strength. Any unintended use or misuse of these bowling balls will result in them being returned to the counter.

Obey all signs, posted warnings and safety notices. They are posted to help you keep safe.

We are here to serve you! Report anything that interferes with your safe fun.

For the safety of everyone, conduct yourself appropriately at all times.

Customer Service is our number one priority!

Our job is to deliver a great experience to our customers.

Your “job” is to enjoy yourself in a safe manner.

Monday: 11:30am - 10pm
Tuesday: 9am - 10pm
Wednesday: 9am - 10pm
Thursday: 9am - 10pm
Friday: 9am - 11pm
Saturday: 11:30am - 11pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 5:00pm


Please note that we may have leagues during these times.
Visit our Homepage for Open Bowling Hours. 

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