Frequently Asked Birthday Party Questions

Question 1 - Can parties be reserved at any other time besides the Saturday or Sunday time slots?
Answer 1 - Parties may be available Monday thru Friday during the day depending on our league or other group reservation schedule. All parties must end by 5pm during the week, so the latest you could start would be 3pm. During the summer there may be other times available.
Question 2 - Do I need to put a deposit down to reserve my party?
Answer 2 - Yes, a deposit of $50.00 is required to reserve your party. The deposit is fully refundable with a minimum twenty-four (24) hour notice of cancellation.
Question 3 - When will my reservation become final & confirmed?
Answer 3 - Upon receipt of your deposit. Deposit is due within 7 days of booking or at least 3 days prior to the reservation date, whichever comes first. When booking online, a confirmation letter will be automatically sent to your email address upon completion of the web booking process. As long as you have correctly chosen one of our advertised party time slots, you may send out your invitations. A special events coordinator will call all birthday parties booked online to answer any questions you might have, ask about bumper lanes and to add any extra's you may want such as; balloons, bowling pin w/marker, adult lanes, extra food or pitchers of soda, etc.
Question 4 - How many lanes can I reserve for my party?
Answer 4 - A maximum of 6 children may bowl on each lane. When booking online, the computer will automatically assign the number of lanes based on a maximum of 6 children per lane.
Question 5 - Will I have any help with my party?
Answer 5 - We may have party hosts assigned to help out with our parties on the weekends. There are no party hosts during the week (Mon-Fri). Party hosts generally cover approximately 30 children each. (Example: A party of 30 would most likely get a dedicated party host for that party only and a party of 20 and one of 10 would share a host).
Question 6 - How many lanes should I reserve the party for?
Answer 6 - When reserving your lanes, please estimate how many lanes you will need to have a maximum of 6 children per lane. You may reduce or increase the number of lanes when you receive your rsvp's or no later than 24 hours prior to your reservation.
Question 7 - How are bumper lanes determined?
Answer 7 - Bumper lanes are only for children ages 10 & under if requested.  If the majority of your guests are ages 10 & under and there are not at least 5 kids 11 or older then all lanes could be bumper bowling. If you have 20 children attending and half are 10 & under and half are older you would get 2 bumper lanes and 2 regular lanes.
Question 8 - How many pizza's will my party be provided with?
Answer 8 - Two slices of pizza per child.
Question 9 - How many hot dogs are provided with my party?
Answer 9 - One hot dog per child.
Question 10 - Are the bag of chips also provided for the pizza party?
Answer 10 - No. Bags of chips are only provided for the hot dog party.
Question 11 - May I bring snacks to the party?
Answer 11 - Yes, you may bring pretzels or potato chips, etc. No popcorn.
Question 12 - What paper products are provided?
Answer 12 - Tablecloth, 9" plates (for pizza or hot dogs), 6" plates (for cake), cups (for pitchers of soda or juice), plastic forks and napkins.
Question 13 - What do I need to bring?
Answer 13 - A cake, knife to cut cake and candles.
Question 14 - How are helium balloons are usually ordered?
Answer 14 - Most people order in groups of 5 balloons which are tied together and used as a centerpiece. One group of five works well for every 10 kids due to table size. (If you have 20 kids then two bunches would be good, etc.) Balloons are usually ordered as a boys or girls assortment. You may request special colors if they are available.
Question 15 - Are the bowling pins available for purchase real?
Answer 15 - Yes. They are regulation bowling pins. A magic marker is also included for your guests to sign the pin.
Question 16 - Can I reserve lanes for adults and/or other guests who are not included in my reservation?
Answer 16 - Yes. Adult lanes can be reserved next to your parties lanes during the same two hour time slot. These lanes will include bowling and shoe rental at a cost of $47.00 per lane and will be added to your final bill.
Question 17 - Can I order extra pizza's, hot dogs or pitchers of soda for adults?
Answer 17 - Yes. Plain 14" pizza's are $10.50 each + tax and 14" pepperoni pizza's are $12.50 each + tax.  Extra hot dogs are $1.65 each + tax, extra pitchers of soda are $3.60 each + tax and can be ordered the day of the party.
Question 18 - Do we have a separate party room?
Answer 18 - No. All parties are held on the concourse near or behind the lanes your party would be using.
Question 19 - Should I tip the party host?
Answer 19 - Our party hosts always appreciate any gratuity.